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24 Mar, 2020 - 02:48PM


We will be closing the physical school for the time being, but we are providing the ability to continue your lessons online. Please contact us for any questions for Japanese and Chinese lessons. info
17 Sep, 2019 - 03:28PM

Online Japanese and Chinese Lessons

Online Lesson -Japanese & Chinese lessons from any location- We are a language school that has offered lessons for more than 16 years. Now you can take our high-quality lessons at home, from th
17 Sep, 2019 - 03:02PM

Kids Japanese class

Our Kids Japanese Classes are designed to teach the language through rhymes, pictures, games, songs, role-plays and cultural activities. Our lessons are aimed to trigger their curiosity and enhance th
24 Jul, 2019 - 12:18AM

Japanese Office Lessons

If you work for a Japanese company, you may need to speak their language at your company or to a business partner. We will provide a teacher at a time of your choosing to come to your place of busin