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8 Oct, 2019 - 05:12PM

Notice Office Move

This is an announcement that our office has been moved from suite 22 to suite 6 since Thursday 10th October. Some class rooms have been reallocated as a result. We have notified all students wh
24 Sep, 2019 - 05:33PM

Tea ceremony

“茶道(さどう)” Tea ceremonyYou are welcome to come learn and experience the art of a Japanese Tea Ceremony, also known as “Sado”. Sado involves the serving of matcha tea, which is a for
19 Sep, 2019 - 02:20PM


SUMMER INTENSIVE JAPANESE COURSES Our regular course is 3 hours each week for 6 weeks. In this intensive course, we will cover the same material over 3 hours each day in 6 days. Studying everyda
19 Sep, 2019 - 02:17PM


Our regular course is 6 weeks but in this course we cover the same material in 6 days. Studying everyday is great method to learn language as you can build quickly by giving your brain less time to fo
17 Sep, 2019 - 03:28PM

Online Japanese lessons

JIC language school has offered language courses for more than 16 years. Now you can take our high quality lessons at home, office or a breakfast table. All of the teachers are native and live in Japa
17 Sep, 2019 - 03:02PM

Kids Japanese class

Our Kids Japanese Classes are designed to teach the language through rhymes, pictures, games, songs, role-plays and cultural activities. Our lessons are aimed to trigger their curiosity and enhance th
17 Sep, 2019 - 02:25PM

Japanese travel course

Are you planning a trip to Japan? Before you go, learn the basicsin one of our fun and affordable short courses!This course is for beginners who intend to travel to Japan.You will learn basic Japanese
17 Sep, 2019 - 02:22PM

Free Chinese lessons for Beginners!

Free Chinese lessons for Beginners Free Chinese lessons for Beginners!This Chinese Beginner A Course runs for 6 weeks, but we are offering the first 3 weeks free of tuition fees - All that's requir
17 Sep, 2019 - 02:15PM

Free Japanese course for Beginners

Free Japanese course for Beginners Our Japanese Beginner A Course runs for 6 weeks, but we are offering the first 3 weeks free of tuition fees - All that's required at the start is a $30 material a
10 Sep, 2019 - 05:28PM

Japanese dessert cooking class

Let’s make Nerikiri!Nerikiri(練り切り) are a type of traditional Japanese confections which are made from white bean paste called Shiro-an(白あん) and rice flour called Gyuhi(求肥). They ar
24 Jul, 2019 - 12:18AM

Japanese Office Lessons

If you work for a Japanese company, you may need to speak their language at your company or to a business partner. We will provide a teacher at a time of your choosing to come to your place of busin
24 Jul, 2019 - 12:11AM

Term Calendar 2019

General Class Term 1 7th January - 17th February Term 2 25th February - 7th April Term 3 15th April - 26th May Term 4 3rd June - 14th July Term 5 22nd July - 1st Septem
24 Nov, 2016 - 01:17AM

Skype Japanese Lessons

Now you can take our high quality lessons at home, from the office or at the breakfast table at a time to suit you. Our specialist, qualified, native Japanese teacher will design lessons ato meet your