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Qualified Native Chinese Teachers

Online / Onsite teacher

I studied applied linguistics and Asian cultural history for undergraduate and master’s degree. I have 6 years of teaching experience across VCE Chinese, HSK global language exam, business, and travel Chinese, as well as Chinese culture study. My personal interests including calligraphy, history, photography and piano. Personal motto: If there is a problem can’t be solved, drink fruit tea and cuddle the cats. If not working, drink more and cuddle more!

Online / Onsite teacher

I was born in China. I lived there for 20 years. I had IPA of Senior Chinese Language Teacher. I have been teaching Chinese language for 7 years. The major of my master degree is Education in TESOL, which is teaching English to foreign language speaker. In this case, I have a better understanding upon English and Chinese, and easily tell the differences between these two languages for you to understand. I have plenty hobbies, playing the piano, baking, and cooking. Come and learn with me!.

Online teacher

I come from Canton, the Southern part of China, so I am also familiar with Cantonese. I am a professional language tutor for five years and are aware of the common difficulties experienced by language learners. I would provide detailed instruction and support you through your learning path. On my free time, I like reading, learning new things, and astrology. I’m looking forward to studying with you at JIC.

Online teacher

I am Scarlett, a native Mandarin, and fluent English speaker. I am currently doing my Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, studying different areas in Economics, Media, International Politics, Culture, and Chinese Studies. My past teaching experiences and internships at various International schools, educational sectors, and language schools help her develop my own teaching style. I am enthusiastic about stimulating students’ interests, caring about each student, and sharing useful Chinese cultural tips with them. In my class, my students showed great passion and made huge progress in their language learning.

Online teacher

I obtained a Certificate of Qualification to teach Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language in 2015 issued by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. I have been teaching Chinese in Taiwan and India to adults and college students from beginners to intermediate levels. I enjoy the interaction with the learners in the class, leading them to creative and independent thinking and working out targeted conversations together. Learning a language is a process of creation that involves not only vocabulary increasing and grammar understanding but also mutually-related cultural elements appreciation. I sincerely hope my class would meet the very needs of every Chinese learner at JIC.

Onsite teacher

Hi, my name is Sylvia! I come from Taiwan and I’m in Australia pursuing a degree in Informational Technology. I have a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and have experience in teaching mandarin both online and in person. I have reached out to other parts of the world online by teaching students from South Africa to America during the pandemic. I always strive to make my lessons lively and engaging for students, making each lesson a unique experience. I have hobbies such as reading fiction novels, experiencing the wilderness, and practicing my English with my friends.

Onsite / Online teacher

My name is Jaiden, I started teaching Chinese as a foreign language at a No.1 foreign language institute in Shanghai, China in 2009. In the past decade, I have been teaching foreign experts who work in different professional areas from Fortune 500 and also live in Shanghai. I have been using five different study materials from the top ten list to teach my adult learners with tailor made study plans to meet their needs and approach certain levels. Such as, HSK, Road To Success, Experiencing Chinese, Our Chinese Classroom, Developing Chinese, etc.
Besides teaching Chinese language, I also deliver Chinese culture. Such as, food culture lecture, Chinese calligraphy demonstration, etc.
Meanwhile, I started using a few online platforms to support distance learning in early 2020. I am based in Australia at the moment, I am able to support learners across the country and also overseas.
I look forward to meeting you soon at JIC! : )

Online teacher

Hi, I am Lin. I am from the southeast of China and my native language is Mandarin Chinese.
In 2013, I obtained HSK Certificate (International Chinses Language Teaching and Assessment) in Singapore. In the same year, I graduated Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education (Chinese Teacher) and worked as a Chinese Teacher in Kinder for nearly two years in Singapore. I came to Australia to continue studying Bachelor of Education Studies in 2017 and graduated in 2019. I have work experience as a Chinese Teacher teaching different levels of students in terms of kinder, primary, secondary, and adult for a number of years. I recently joined in JIC team as a Chinese teacher, and I sincerely hope to utilize my professional knowledge and work experiences to assist students who want to learn Chinese to reach their ideal level.

Onsite teacher

Hi, my name is James. I was born in Northern China, and grew up and studied in Shanghai and Taiwan, a native speaker of Mandarin and can highly be fluent in using Simplified Chinese as well as Traditional Chinese. I'm currently studying for a Master of Education at the University of Melbourne. I have experience teaching Chinese and English at the Shanghai Language Training Centre, and primary schools in Taiwan and Thailand. Language learning is an exchange between different cultures. I believe that every learner is unique, and I welcome different opinions about language learning and would be willing to share with each other.

Onsite teacher

Hi, my name is Wayne. I am from Taiwan, and currently pursuing a Master's degree at the University of Melbourne. I always strive to create lively and engaging lessons for my students, and passionate about making each session a unique and enjoyable experience. I believe in incorporating interactive activities and real-life examples to enhance the learning process. I’m excited to continue sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for the Mandarin language. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to ask me.

Onsite teacher

I am Bernice and I was born and raised in Taiwan. Mandarin is my native language, I am fluent in both traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. I am currently pursuing my postgraduate degree majoring in Finance at the University of Melbourne. As a foreign language learner, I understand the challenges of learning a new language. My goal is to create an engaging and dynamic environment that delivers practical Mandarin knowledge and builds conversational fluency, and I want to make the classes as interesting as possible and customized them for students. I cherish the opportunity to share my knowledge of Mandarin and the aspect of culture with you!

Online / Onsite teacher

Nǐ hǎo, I'm Shirleen, a native Chinese speaker from Malaysia. I graduated from Taiwan and hold certificates in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL) and Pearson EDI. Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. I have six years of experience teaching Mandarin, I specialise in instructing conversational Mandarin, HSK preparation, business Mandarin, and more, both in traditional classrooms and online settings. Beyond language education, I have a passion for culture, travel, and indulging in the simple joys of a good cup of coffee. I firmly believe that everyone possesses the capability to learn a language, because we do know at least one language which is our mother tongue! Let's make learning both fun and meaningful.

Onsite teacher

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Art & Fashion. My studies not only provided me with a creative and innovative mindset but also instilled in me a commitment to excellence. This background, coupled with my enthusiasm for teaching, forms the core of my teaching philosophy. Over the past 4 years, I have been actively involved in teaching, especially in the realm of Chinese and Japanese over Europe. This experience has equipped me with effective communication skills and a keen understanding of how to tailor lessons to meet diverse learning needs. One of my strengths lies in making lessons not only educational but also enjoyable. I am excited to bring a fresh perspective to language learning and create an interactive and dynamic learning environment, broadening my understanding of diverse cultures and learning styles. I am eager to contribute to the language-learning journey of each student and create memorable and effective lessons together. Let's make language learning a fun adventure!

CC (Wuxi)
Onsite teacher

Hey there! I'm CC, hailing from the middle part of China, a native speaker of Mandarin and proficient in English. Armed with a High School English Teaching Certificate and years of Chinese teaching experience in Shanghai, I'm thrilled to join the JIC team. I'm pursuing a Master of Journalism program at the University of Melbourne. I'm dedicated to helping students achieve their Chinese language goals. Let's embark on this learning journey together!

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