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Japanese Free Lessons for Beginners _ Term 7 (1st November - 12th December)

18 May, 2020 - 03:06PM


Our regular Japanese course is 6 weeks but we would like to offer free tuition for the first 1 week, and 3 Free lessons at our new onsite Speaking class!
We believe you will enjoy our classroom environment and learn quickly with our teaching methods (Direct method - using only Japanese during the lesson).

Our qualified Japanese teachers are experts at teaching students of all ages.

Term 7 (1st November - 12th December)

ONSITE(3H x 6weeks)
Tuesday 1-4 pm
Tuesday 5:10-8:10 pm
Wednesday 2:30-5:30 pm
Wednesday 6-9 pm
Friday 1:45-4:45 pm
Saturday 10-1 pm

Email information@jic.com.au

*Price includes GST. Please note: JIC's introduction course is free of charge but $30 is payable for admin and study materials.

*Onsite classes will be conducted as online classes in case of government restriction.

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