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Free Group Online Japanese Lessons - Term 7 (1st November - 12th December)

2 Dec, 2020 - 10:50PM


Our regular Japanese course is 6 weeks, however we would like to offer free tuition for 1 week for Beginner A classes, and 3 Free lessons at our new onsite Speaking class! 
Our Japanese teachers adopt the "Immersion Direct Methods" in the classes; the content and the conversations are in Japanese. Research shows this is absolutely the best way to learn languages. Our qualified Japanese teachers are experts at teaching students of all ages.

Term 7 (1st November - 12th December)

Please choose your preferred time, the class capacity is only 3 students!
One 2.5 hr lesson per week x 6 weeks

Monday 5-7:30 pm
Wednesday 1-3:30 pm
Thursday 6-8:30 pm
Saturday 2-4:30 pm
Sunday 2-4:30 pm

*Price includes GST. Please note: JIC's "One-Week Introduction" course is free of charge but $15 is payable for admin and study materials.

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