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New JLPT class

16 Mar, 2022 - 04:47PM


New JLPT class - All lessons customizable for your needs. 

We are going to run a new JLPT online class to help you prepare for the upcoming test. Our experienced teacher, Mami will customize the lesson contents for you.

*This class is ONLINE only.

18th April - the end of November
1.5 hours x 2 times /week

Lesson Fee:

$60 /lesson,
($480 /month, $3,000 /7 months)

-Semi-Private(2-3 person):
$56.25 /lesson each,
($450/month each, $2,800 /7 months each)

*GST included
*Additional $15 admin fee is paypable for a new student.

If you’re unsure about your Japanese level, we offer a free level check test. Please feel free to contact us about this class, as well as for the level check test and further details.

If you would like to join one of the courses, please let me know which one and fill out the enrolment form from our website.

TEL: 03-9654-5121
Email: information@jic.com.au

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