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Online Japanese lessons

17 Sep, 2019 - 03:28PM


JIC language school has offered language courses for more than 16 years. Now you can take our high quality lessons at home, office or a breakfast table. All of the teachers are native and live in Japan.

One of the best things about this online lessons is that you will be able to access to your lesson videos and review your lessons anytime.

Let's start learning Japanese!

Private online lessons are very flexible in terms of lesson schedule and topics that you wish to learn.

Learning can happen at any time that suits you. You can focus on the area that you wish to learn. i.e. grammar, vocabulary and conversation etc..

We offer a free 30 mins trial lesson for new Beginner A level students.

Book your lesson today!

*Beginner A level students are the students who have never studied Japanese before.


60 minutes x 3 lessons - $132 ($120 GST)

60 minutes x 12 lessons - $506 ($460 GST)

*Administration fee $15 will be charged for the initial enrolment

Contact us today to book your lesson.