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Japanese Speaking Class

16 Oct, 2021 - 04:16PM


We will start a new speaking class!

For students that wish to focus on speaking, this class will help you break down the mental barriers to just giving it a shot and learning as you go. You can choose what you would like to study from the topics of each week. This class is suitable for Beginners.

Lesson Overview

W1: Greetings & Self-introduction
W2: Ordering at izakaya and fast food restaurants
W3: Shopping at convenience stores and general shops
W4: Talking at a chemist
W5: Asking questions about what you like
W6: Making an appointment and talking at a hair salon
W7: Introducing your recommended items

Course Schedule 
Please contact us with your preferred lesson date, and we will get back to you with the updated lesson schedule.

Course Fee (Onsite)
$45 GST included
1.5h x 1 Lesson Total: 1.5 hours
$165 GST included 1.5h x 4 Lessos Total: 6 hours
$280 GST included 1.5h x 7 Lessons Total: 10.5 hours

Contact: information@jic.com.au

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