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Online JLPT course

8 Mar, 2024 - 01:15PM


JLPT classes - All lessons are customizable for your needs.

Weekly 2-hour classes ONLINE running over 6 weeks designed for JLPT preparation are available each term. Our online teachers who are based in Japan will be teaching this course - they are well experienced and have the most-updated information about the exams.

Classes include grammar, vocab, listening, writing, Q&A, homework, mock test, etc.

*This course is ONLINE only.

Starting in the week of 15th April
N2 Saturday 10:00am -12:00pm
N3 Wed or Thu 10:00-12:00am
N4 Saturday 12:00 - 2:00 pm

*Please feel free to send us an inquiry if you seek different days/times for your lessons.
1.5 hours x 2 times /week

Lesson Fee:

<Lesson Fee>
$363 GST included for 2H x 6 lessons.
*If there are less than 2 students per class, the class time will be shortened.
**Additional $15 will be charged for initial admin.

If you are unsure about your Japanese levels, we offer a free level check test. Please feel free to contact us for the tests or if you have any questions.

Enrol now!

TEL: 03-9654-5121
Email: information@jic.com.au

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