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Qualified Native Teachers

Our Japanese teachers adopt the "Immersion Direct Methods" in the classes; the content and the conversations are in Japanese. Research shows this is absolutely the best way to learn languages. Our qualified Japanese teachers are experts at teaching students of all ages.

Japanese teachers

Head Teacher - 15 years

I have taught Japanese language for 2 years in US, and then 4 years in Kyoto, Japan before start-ing to work at JIC in 2012. I teach all levels Japa-nese from beginner to JLPT, EJU, and university exam support. I am also in charge of Japanese teacher internship program.

District Manager (Japan) - 7 years 

I've been teaching Japanese to adults in Japan, Australia, and Singapore for more than seven years. I also have experience teaching Japanese as a second language to children for nearly four years! I am glad to be a part of your journey to more discoveries and learning.

Online Teacher - 10 years 

I worked in Vietnam for 2 years, then worked at Japanese language school in Tokyo for 8 years. Teaches all levels including JLPT & Business. I am really looking forward to meeting you in the class.

Online Teacher - 6 years

I really like to teach Japanese that is relevant to you and what you want to achieve. I can teach N5-N1, writing, speaking, listening, reading and so on. Learn Japanese with me!. My teaching style is fun and interactive!

Online Teacher

I've been teaching Beginner to Advanced levels for 6 years in Japan, Indonesia and Malaysia. I can also teach you conversation and exam of JLPT (N5-N2). I try to make lesson fun and engaging, so my students can learn it easily and enjoyable. I'm looking forward to seeing you through our online class. Let’s do our best together!

Online Teacher

I've been a Japanese teacher for about 2 years in Japan and I specialise in teaching Japanese for beginners at present.
Your world would definitely expand if you could speak Japanese. I'm glad if I could support your study and make you smile & feel happy. Shall we spend fun time together by talking Japanese? I hope to meet you soon.

Online Teacher

I've been teaching Japanese in Japan, Philippine, and US for about 10 years. I teach all levels including JLPT, business and children. I'm looking forward to seeing you and studying Japanese together, and also learning your culture of origin.

Online Teacher

In my lessons, I try to create a fun and easy-to-speak atmosphere. Please relax and join us.
Let's practice speaking a lot, assuming various situations that suit your purpose. It’s okay, if you make a mistake. Let’s study happily. Even if you are new to Japanese, please be assured that I will teach you in an easy-to-understand, slow and polite manner. I'm looking forward to seeing you.

Online Teacher

I have taught Japanese language and culture in Japan and Malaysia. I teach Beginner to JLPT N1 conversation and JLPT exam preparation. I'm looking forward to seeing you!

Online Teacher

I love cooking, also my favourite food is Ramen. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the class. Let’s practice Japanese together!

Online Teacher

I have learned English, Chinese and Spanish. Learning language is interesting and knowing other culture is exciting! I hope to help you experience something Japanese though the language.
I am looking forward to seeing you!

Chinese teachers

Online / Onsite teacher

I studied applied linguistics and Asian cultural history for undergraduate and master’s degree. I have 6 years of teaching experience across VCE Chinese, HSK global language exam, business, and travel Chinese, as well as Chinese culture study. My personal interests including calligraphy, history, photography and piano. Personal motto: If there is a problem can’t be solved, drink fruit tea and cuddle the cats. If not working, drink more and cuddle more!

Online / Onsite teacher

I was born in China. I lived there for 20 years. I had IPA of Senior Chinese Language Teacher. I have been teaching Chinese language for 7 years. The major of my master degree is Education in TESOL, which is teaching English to foreign language speaker. In this case, I have a better understanding upon English and Chinese, and easily tell the differences between these two languages for you to understand. I have plenty hobbies, playing the piano, baking, and cooking. Come and learn with me!

Online teacher

Hi! I’m Zoe from Taiwan. I’ve been teaching Simplified and Traditional Chinese in international schools or language centers for over 10 years. Helping my students to learn Chinese in a fun and easy way are always delightful for me! Wish to see you in my class!

Online / Onsite teacher

If you are entry-level and want to know more about Chinese please get in touch. Here are 3 reasons for you to have a Basic Chinese lesson with me.

Firstly, I enjoy assisting students to try to speak out loud in Mandarin across listening & speaking. Secondly, my varying range of experience with students of different backgrounds (10 to 70 years old) ensures that I can customize my teaching to individual students with various learning needs. I will assist you in achieving your goals, regardless of your age. Thirdly, I always believe language learning should be combined with theories and practices. Thus in our class, we have a quiz right after we learn new points to boost students’ motivation and interest. Moreover, familiarity with cultural context can significantly enhance a student’s ability to learn and understand Chinese.

Online teacher

I was born in Gansu, which is the northwest of China, and got my undergraduate of teaching Chinese as a Foreign language in 2006. I have been working as a Chinese language teacher for 15 years. In my leisure time, I enjoy painting and photography. I am also crazy about coffee and enjoy making latte art.

My way of teaching always focuses on my students, which means I will design teaching courses according to the characteristics of different students. I also like using various tools such as music, short movie, or cartoon to make my lessons engaging.

Online / Onsite teacher

I come from Canton, the Southern part of China, so I am also familiar with Cantonese. I am a professional language tutor for five years and are aware of the common difficulties experienced by language learners. I would provide detailed instruction and support you through your learning path. On my free time, I like reading, learning new things, and astrology. I’m looking forward to studying with you at JIC.

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